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Alabama vs Clemson college football playoff is about to see one of the biggest game for the history of national championship. This game will determine which college team is the best team in the nation. Alabama and Clemson are about to face each other for the national title and if nothing else this is going to be a game to remember. Fans from both sides are excited to see a good game of football.

Going into this Championship game Alabama is considered to be the top team in college football. Clemson is nothing to laugh at. They are considered to be the second-best team in the nation and they are looking to move up a spot before the end of this game. These two teams are battling for the title against each other for the third time.

Clemson is appearing in this title game for the 7th time out of the past 10 years. They have an impressive title but Alabama is not a team to forget about. The game is scheduled to take place on Monday, January 7, 2019, and it will begin at the 8 pm eastern standard time. The game will be broadcast on ESPN. The game is the CFP National Championship Game. According to the betting experts, Alabama is favored by six points but that can change before the game.

Clemson had to face Notre Dame in the Cotton Bowl to secure this sport in the game. Alabama had to face several challenges over the past couple of games but they came out on top. Clemson and Alabama have faced each other several times before. They have come out 14 to 4 in the wins but Clemson had won the last several meetings.

Both teams have a very impressive record. Alabama is predicted to score 34 points when Clemson is predicted to score 28 points. This game will be close. While this score is just a prediction every sports expert that is asked about the game states that it will be close. The winner of the game may not be determined until the final minutes, if not the final seconds of the game. According to the sports experts, the offense of Alabama has been better in the best. Crimson is going for back to back national titles so they are determined to play their hardest in the game.

Players for both teams are hungry to be the best. They are talented players and are looking to come out ahead.

Why Clemson vs Alabama game going to be the most historical game ever?

No matter what the outcome of this game may be most people in the world of sports have said that it is going to be one of the most historic games ever played. Both of these teams are excellent at their sport and they have some of the best players to take the college field. Both of these teams have shown that they have great skills. They are the number one and the number two ranked college teams in the country. This means that it is going to be a good game and it will come down to the wire.

While Alabama is picked to win this game they are not picked to win by that much. Six points can be a touchdown or it can be two field goals. This means that no matter what happens or what team wins it is going to be a close game. Sports fans on both sides want to see a good game of football. They do not want to see a shutout. This is boring for football fans. Since this game is predicted to be very close it is going to be a great game to watch. Fans need to account that the players will put out their all. There will be some moves and some plays that are risky and are not seen too often in college football. If a team is able to pull off one of these plays it will be talked about for years to come.

These teams have faced each other several times in the past. It is not the first time they will be going against each other for the national title. This is something that will keep the fans glued to the game. Each team wants bragging rights and they want to increase their odds in this rivalry. No team wants to go home giving the other teams a win. This will make them play harder and will allow them to put together some good moves. Both of these teams have a great offense and they have a good defense as well. It will be interesting to see what the team is able to score first and the total points in the game. Based on their skill level this is going to be one of the best games played in college football.

While the team does take some hard hits they are able to come back and shut down the passing game of other teams. They were even able to shut down Notre Dame which had one of the best offenses in the country. This team did not even get a touchdown in the game. They had to settle for a total of three points. The defense is up to the task of shutting down any team that comes their way.

The defense is also good at getting the ball. They average forcing around 2 turnovers per game. If they are able to do this they can shut down Alabama’s offense. The defense has been the dominant one in college football and there have been no teams that have been able to get past the defensive line. The defense has been able to take over every game they played during the regular reasons as well as the playoffs. They are able to stop around 60 points that the offense has tried to score. They have been strong since 2016 and the team is still going. They have held their opponents to less than 249 yards per game. This does not give the opposing team the opportunity to score too many points. The defense is not allowing anyone to go through. Many say that this is the key to beating Alabama and their offense. If they are able to shut down the quarterback as well as the running backs and keep up with the high sack records, Clemson should win the game based on the skills and the abilities of their defense alone.

Alabama’s Defense

While Clemson has a great defense a person cannot count out Alabama. They also have one of the best defensive lines in all of football. This team is looking to set some records for their school and for college football with the way the defensive line is stopping all of the opposing team. It is one of the reasons why Alabama is the number one college football team in the country going into this bowl game. They are able to stop the other teams from scoring while allowing their offense to make the big plays.

There are some impressive stats that the defense is able to show in the games. They are able to pack the other team on an average of 45 times. This does not allow any chance of scoring. The defense is also getting points in the game and helping their team run up the scoreboard. There have been 9 defensive touchdowns this season. Other teams are lucky if they can get one touchdown from their defense a year while Alabama was able to score 9 times with their defense alo

The linebackers are experienced and they are able to make the big plays that happen anywhere on the field. They are youthful and have plenty of energy. These young players also have something that most do not and that is the skill. They have known how to use their size and under the coaching staff, they are aggressive and not afraid to get the job done on the field. They trust their teammates to have their backs as well as their coaching staff. They are considered to be one of the best defenses this school has seen in the past four years. They have stopped some of the best teams in the country including during the important bowl games.

Both teams are great college football teams. They have some great young players and their players have the skills and determination they need to come out on top. Alabama is going for their third title at the national level in the past five years. They are looking to make history. Their freshman quarterback is also looking to become the first true freshman to win a national championship since 1985. Currently, from that game, Jamelle Holieway and Oklahoma went on to beat Penn State in the Orange Bowl. Alabama is picked to be the favorite of this game by they are only picked to win by a near six points. If they make any mistakes this can be the end for them. Clemson also has a great defense so giving this team a six-point advantage is generous.

Alabama has a great offense and they have been known for leaving other teams in the dust these seas. They do average 1.5 turnovers per game which are not something that will be ignored by Clemson. If they are able to get thee extra chances at the ball they will use it to their advantage.

At the beginning of the game, sports experts feel that Clemson will take an early lead. This team is going to put up a good fight and they will not go down east. They will give it all they have and may even have the lead early in the game. As sports experts predict, Alabama will come back without a problem. They will be able to shut down the offense and put a stop to anything that will even get close to getting past the defensive line. This does not mean the game will be boring to watch. If either team makes a mistake at any point in the game it can be over. The final score prediction is Alabama 35 with Clemson scoring 23.

While Alabama is picked to win this game they are only picked to win by a slight margin. Football experts feel this is a game that will come down to the final minutes to determine a winner. Both of these teams have great players, especially for the college level. They are young and hungry to be the best in the country. This will be a close game is predicted to be the must-watch football game of the year for fans on both sides.

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